"Kufic Border Lotto", ~51"x 70", Design by Christopher Robin Andrews, production directed by I. Tekin, weaving overseen by Karakus, woven by Emine, Serife, Sultan, and Fatma, yarns dyed by Mustafa, finished carpet washed by Abdurrahman and Abdullah, finish shearing by Saban, completed in October of 2007 in Kavak. The field design is a classical "Anatolian" Lotto pattern with an open "Kufic" border, characteristic of the earliest Lotto rugs. The yarns are handspun wool, including the madder dyed warp and weft. This carpet has ~ 100 knots @ square inch. naturally dyed colors include madder red, weld yellow, indigo dark and light blue, medium green, white, and naturally black sheep's wool. The pile is hand sheared to a height of ~3/16", with the black yarns slightly lower. It has our characteristic wide selvedges, long kilims and exposed warp decorative fringes, which we see in the best preserved antique carpets. The carpet has been hand washed with mild soap and water.

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