~Yellow Ground Six Column~ ~Red Column Six Column~

Among the classical designs, the Column rugs are uniquely pictorial and directional   An architecturally structured space is clearly delineated, through which we view an infinite void ("eternal paradise").  As in many of the classical patterns, the genesis of these designs is passionately debated.  They have traditionally been regarded as Islamic prayer rugs, with the Mihrab, the orientation towards Mecca being represented in the archway.  A more radical thesis holds that they were exclusively woven for the Christian market, as carpets to be hung on the wall, perhaps even more specifically for the Saxon churches in Transylvania, where we find most of the surviving examples.  Several carpets, like the ones that have inspired the first two we have woven (shown above) although differing in coloration and in the minor details, are so close in overall structure and design that we believe they were woven in the same workshop, perhaps even by the same weaver.

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