46" x 73", commissioned by the architect Andrea Pacciani for his shop in Parma Italy (  This carpet was woven in Kutahaya by Sultan Faki. and completed in November of 2008.  The Chintamani designs are part of the white ground group, sometimes called "Selendi", after the town near Ushak where it is believed they were originally crafted.  The pattern has been sometimes referenced as "leopard", although it is much more likely based on Buddhist iconography.   Although we have been largely inspired by the design of  a rug in Shigisoara (see next page) we have also felt free to "correct" some of the weavers decisions.  Our field of the Chintamani "pearls" is slightly more regular, as is the entire configuration of the carpet, without becoming stiff.  This pattern has a wonderful quality, as it is simultaneously feels archaic and modern.

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