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Chris is often asked if his carpets are original designs or copies.  He says “This is a very important question.  The simple answer is yes, and no.”   

“I see what we are doing as a re-creation.  Our carpets are really not replicas or reproductions.  We are inspired by a great tradition and we are hoping to be a part of that”.    

Much of what drives his efforts is simply just an unabashed love for these patterns.  It all started because he couldn’t find any accurate reproductions in the market, the few he saw were often either too sloppily or tightly drawn, on top of anachronistic foundation structures and finishes.  His first efforts were focused on understanding the intricacies of the geometry.  He initially started drawing the overall designs by hand, to sketch the overall geometry, which of course was critical, but quickly realized that he also had to get down to the level of the essential module, the individual knot itself, to really understand the geometric patterns.  

Some people have asked him, isn't it tedious, studying and reproducing these patterns knot by knot?  He says “Actually, it is joyful work, like playing with little pieces of light that bit by bit make up the beautiful visions of each design.”

In addition to studying the original carpets whenever it is practical, he admits that he has been blessed in this work by the many fantastic books published over the last few decades, where the photographs are so sufficiently detailed, that one can actually study the individual knot structure. 

And it is through this investigation that that he has come to know each of these classical design types very intimately, almost like the weavers do.  He says “The most beautiful designs work on all these levels of scale, certainly in terms of the overall gestalt of the whole carpet, but also fundamentally on the level of the individual knot.  When you are laying out a carpet, it is like a great chess game, where every move is beautiful" 

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