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Shepard & Flock Drop Spindle Spinning

While in Istanbul Chris & his wife Biliana and tried to find contemporary versions of the classic carpets.  The few they found  literally paled in comparison to the originals. When they spoke to rug dealers about this, the dealers sympathized.  Some suggested that the intense colors and intricate designs of these antique rugs were too strong, they don't fit contemporary taste for a more subdued, "background" carpet.  

So Chris gave up on this quest.  He purchased some modest "Village" and "Tribal" design rugs and resigned himself to appreciating these classic carpets in books and museums.    

Still, as over the years Chris continued to draw these patterns, studying their history, color and geometry, knot by knot, warp and weft, he cultivated an even deeper appreciation of the intentions and genius of their designers, dyers and weavers.

"As I made more elaborate drawings, I began to think about how I might actually make some real carpets.  At first this seemed like something crazy, but I persisted."    

In 2005 he was introduced to two families of carpet makers, one in Anatolia and one in the Caucasus, and started to work with them, combining their manufacturing expertise  with his passion for these patterns. 

Together, since then, they have further refined the  designs and  the technical aspects of production, including the wool quality, natural dye colors, foundation structure,  finishing (selvedges, kilims, and fringes) shearing and washing.

Chris says "I have also been very fortunate to have been encouraged and mentored by many wonderful people in the carpet world as well,, including Stefano Ionescu, Alberto Boralevi, Mark Topolian, Larry Feldman, Murat Kupcu, Dennis Dodds, Jim Dixon, Susan and Fred Ingham, and Ali Riza Tuna.  And of course I owe an infinite debt of gratitude to Christopher Alexander, who really started me on this quest."

Now Chris' vision of reviving these classical carpets is being fully shared with a broader audience.  

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