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Weaver cutting "Transylvanian" Ghirlandaio rug off the loom (carpet woven in Gaziantep by Neziha &Yumma)

Chris has studied the geometry, color and structure of these carpets in detail, knot by knot, as inspiration for the 21st century. The designs are not just literal copies of specific carpets, or loosely derived modern interpretations; rather he strives to capture the essence and character of these patterns, as "ambassadors" from the 15th century to the 21st, from the East to the West.

Classical Carpets are hand woven from the highest quality wool, handspun and naturally dyed. They incorporate the details seen in the old rugs, the colored warps and wefts, the wide selvedges long kilims and extended warp fringes. They are crafted by experienced master weavers in cooperative village workshops in Central Anatolia, where the art of knotted pile carpet has flourished for centuries. The designs are produced in special limited editions. As the carpets are hand woven, each one is unique. Chris is also able to fine tune the details, including size and colors, to suit a collector's or designer's vision for a special piece.

Each carpet is fully documented and catalogued, including the pattern's provenance, and the wool and dyes used, and each is signed by the carpet's weavers.

Even though the carpets are handmade works of art, they are of course also completely functional, as textiles to use on the floor, to provide a warm, soft and sensuous surface underfoot (or as table coverings or wall hangings, as we see in many Renaissance paintings). Classical Carpets is devoted to making these designs utilitarian again.

Chris says “We must remember our infinite debt to the anonymous designers and weavers who first created and refined these magical designs. As functional objects, or as gifts to God, as a material manifestation of the richness of the earth, in its animal and plant life, and the power of the human imagination, these carpets will never be forgotten.”


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