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Family of weavers with Lotto carpet

Chris says “There have been times when we have thought, in trying to resolve some of the details, that it can’t be done this way, it is too expensive, or no one knows how to do this anymore.   But whenever we have striven to reach  deeper, and invest everyone of our partners in looking at the particular challenge, then we often realize that in fact it has been done this way, hundreds of years ago, with good reasons and results, and our test is to figure our how to do it again today, adapting of course to modern conditions.”  

“Another thing that happened, when we went around to each of the cooperative workshops we are working with, in these villages near Konya and Ushak, where these carpets were originally made in the 13th through 17th centuries, and we sat down with all of our partners, the shepherds, spinners, dyers, weavers, shearers, washers, and their families, and broke bread with them, in their communities, the interconnectedness of this venture culturally and emotionally, as well as economically to the life of these villages became even clearer."

"We saw that once we have woken to the vision that these carpets offer us, of beauty and peace, that we have a responsibility to share that bounty with all that will have it.  Some might say that is very high minded for a simple craft and business venture, but at least that provides a kind of compass for us.  It is of course a tremendous responsibility to set for ourselves, and we am not going to pretend that we have completely succeeded in this, or will ever do it perfectly, but that is the goal.”  

“We ask the weavers to sign their work, to work their initials into the designs of the carpets.  We give full credit to all of the people who work on these carpets, they are absorbed into this history and legacy of their culture, and really own it, making carpets that have this “genius loci”, this “spirit of the place” quality.  It is why it doesn’t make sense for us to try to produce these particular designs in China or Pakistan or Azerbaijan.  Those places of course have their own craft and weaving traditions, and those are certainly worth preserving and reviving as well, perhaps with something of  this same spirit."

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