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Ibrahim reviewing dye samples

“When you see the antique versions of these carpets, one the things that is almost shocking about them is the vividness of the color, all achieved with natural dyes.” says Chris. “Although most people who look at our carpets for the first time are impressed by our similar approach, some dealers have asked why we don’t use more faded, pastel colors or more abrash (color variation) like most of the traditionally styled carpets available in the market. These carpets are  meant to look like they are already antiques. Of course, they do not really look like the old carpets.  Although the exaggerated abrash and faded coloring can  be pleasant, let us not pretend it is accurate--it is actually just a  contemporary fashion.”

When asked shy he doesn’t artificially age his carpets, or “distress” them , like blue jeans, to make them look older, like ready made antiques, he says "This would be dishonest.  The carpets we hold up as models were also brand new once, and the best preserved ones still have an incredible vitality in the colors, even where they are worn  They were never faded or distressed artificially.”

Then there have always been unscrupulous manufacturers and dealers who make and sell forgeries.  Sometimes they use the old wool, from less valuable flatweaves (kilims) to make carpets that feel and look worn and distressed. They will also take new carpets and put acids on them or burn them, or bury them, or drive automobiles over them, or abrade them using river rocks (a technique used by Tuduc (the famous Romanian carpet restorer and alleged forger) to artificially wear them. Not only are these methods obviously fraudulent, but they also shorten the longevity of the carpets, sometimes substantially, by weakening the wool fibers and removing the essential lanolin oils.   Classical Carpets wool is exclusively handspun long staple, 15%-20% mohair, soft and strong, a quality rarely found in today's market.

Over time, too, Chris contends that of course his carpets will show wear and the colors will mellow, but this will be an honest and natural process. “Of course the better made they are, the better they will have the chance to last long enough to age gracefully.”

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