"Sleeping Maid" Lotto on loom

In addition to our standard classical line we also design and make custom carpets, typically versions of our classical patterns in alternate sizes and border configurations.  We are also able to customize designs in other ways, including varying colors, pile heights, end finishes, and even the pattern details themselves in a manner that maintains the integrity of the  original designs.  As in our standard designs, in our custom carpets we use only handspun wool and natural vegetal dyes.  Although our focus is patterns that are integrated with this classical tradition, we will consider any reasonable proposal, for example a pattern inspired by a particular traditional carpet that a client may love.

Based on our study of the classical Anatolian designs we use a range of about a dozen colors.  These are all achieved using madder (reds), indigo (blues), dyers weld (yellows) and natural whites and blacks. 

As these are natural hand crafted products, and all of our wool is handspun, there will be some variation in the color a client might see in a yarn sample, a vagireh (actual carpet sample), and finished carpet. 

We will always strive to satisfy a client’s requests and needs within reason, but please understand that part of the beauty and authenticity of our production is due to this natural variation of abrash.

The most difficult natural colors to fix precisely are greens and blue greens, as these require a two step dying process, using both indigo and dyers weld.  Also, please note that our carpet colors are highly saturated, with a very subtle “abrash” (color variation within the yarn itself).  This intensity of color is quite dramatic and and important characteristic of our artistic work.

For special orders, making vagirehs (woven carpet sample) might be appropriate.  These will typically add approximately several weeks to the process for each varigeh that is crafted.

Please don't hesitate to contact us or our dealers about scheduling and pricing.

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