114"x174", design by Christopher Robin Andrews, production directed by I. Tekin, weaving overseen by Karakus, woven by Elmas, Naciye, Husne, Hatice & Aysein in Yeni Cerit.  The yarns were dyed by Mustafa, finished carpet washed by Abdurrahman and Abdullah, finish shearing by Saban, completed in April of 2008. This carpet has a classic red oval medallion with a Rumi design on a blue ground, with a border that combines Kufic and floral motifs, thought to be the earliest known Ushak Medallion border. Our version of this border also contains a "corner solution", which although relatively rare in Anatolian designs, felt appropriate in this courtly rug. This monumental carpet design, our largest and most intricate to date, was inspired by the work and mentorship of the Italian carpet scholar and dealer Alberto Boralevi. (

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