The Ghirlandaio carpets are named after the Italian Renaissance painter Domenico Ghirlandaio who depicts this design in his 1483 painting "Madonna and Child Enthroned".  The carpet that inspired ours is originally from the Evangelical Church in Halchiu, it is now owned by the Black Church in Brasov.  It has an wide range of intensely saturated colors, including rarely seen greens and purples.  The elemental design configuration, and probable early date, really qualifies this rug as "proto-classical".  This design was commissioned by Andrea Pacciani for his shop in Parma Italy ( in a 51"x74" size, similar in scale to the original.  By slightly varying the knot count, this carpet could be made as a little larger, or as small as 29"x48", while still maintaining the integrity of the design.  It was woven in Gaziantep by Neziha Durkal & Yumma Donmez, completed in December of 2008.

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